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Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor


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polar rs100You just need to press some buttons and start playing around to use Polar RS100 the right way. I think the guide should be talking about things using a different order but today most gadgets work that way. It is not hard to find out what you need to do, and even if it is a little hard you will find this it part of the fun.

But I must tell you that the Pollar RS100 works pretty well. You will need to tighten the strap a little bit to your wrist if you want to avoid its slide down. I forgot this step a couple of days ago, and my plans to monitor my heart rate the right way faded away when my Pollar RS100 just slipped away from my wrist while I was running or working out because right now I do not recall every detail.

The receiver will work just fine and you will not experience problems with this feature of the watch and when you buy the Pollar RS100 you will not have issues with interferences from cars or power lines. I recommend you to buy the Pollar RS100 if you need the right level of functionality, and this is especially true when you need it in the beginning stage. If you want to get a faster running 10k's or 5k's, and make this activity more interesting and appealing, you should order the Pollar RS100 as soon as you can afford it. This heart rate monitor lasts longer than many of its peers out there and it is my first watch of this kind, and actually I am in my fifth marathon, and the Pollar RS100 works just fine.

One of the best features that you will find in this watch is its dual times, which will allow you to see your heart rate in two screens. This way, you will know when to stop, run or walk when you hear the beep of the Pollar RS100. That is the kind of feature you need while running or walking, and then go back walking or running again, and I must say that I love the Pollar RS100 a lot. If you start to experience connectivity issues, you should get an electrode cram from a maker of Pollar watches as soon as you can, and you will see that you will be able to get rid of this issue. This issue might not be gone 100% but you will get almost complete satisfaction, and the cream is called buh bump if I do not make a mistake about it.

polar rs100 boxAs soon as you start using the Pollar RS100, you will have this watch as an essential and very important part of your wardrobe. Basically, you will be able to see your heart rate and toggle the top information you need such as calories, time and other features. I really need the Pollar RS100 a lot because I tend to push myself too much, and I need to monitor my heart rate frequently to know when I need to slow down. I just hear the beep and I know what must be done right away. I must tell you that I use all the manual features of this watch and finding the maximum or minimum HOUR is lame. That is my perception about this specific feature of the Pollar RS100 and I think you need to be aware of this fact when doing your fitness test or whatever they call it.

I workout at a gym full of Pollar machines, and I love the fact that I can use this watch to monitor my heart rate without having to grasp the metal part of the machine. The coolest part is that I know the amount of calories I have burnt or how many of them I need to replace. A feature that Pollar should have included in the Pollar RS100 is the capacity to store more than one run in its memory, and this feature is very important in the beginning of your workout and other activities. I think Pollar will improve this feature as they have done with their GPS devices. A watch to check out a heart rate should keep the simplicity of running all the time, and the Pollar RS100 will keep you motivated when you need to run if you are a newcomer. I have been running and rowing using this watch and I have noticed that it increased my distance and pace at the same heart rate. I really recommend the Pollar RS100 to anyone looking for a watch to monitor heart rates.

If you are cautious, you can buy the Pollar RS100 in its entry level mode and when you need more features you can purchase a Pollar RS100 with more functionality. The Pollar RS100 comes with an interesting personal training website, which is interesting but not great. The box of the Pollar RS100 comes with the following items: training computer, heart rate monitor, transmitter, and owner's guide. The following are some of its feature: maximum and average training's heart rate, BPM's hear rate, body measurement, a target zone based on age and target, data, settings to edit wrist data, training and HRmax.

One of the most important features of the Polar RS100 is its ability to track you heart rate information, and this data is very important for fitness enthusiasts, and the price of this watch is fair and affordable. Your fitness will be improved with the use of the Polar RS100 and its calories features along with its target heart rate zone.All the data you see in the watch comes with an easy-to-read format, which is very useful for runners and fitness enthusiasts alike. The Polar RS100 avoids cross-talk with the use of coded transmission and it also uses a fabric transmitter. You will have problems to know the right intensity level of your workout if you do not have the right device.

The Polar RS100 has the ability to match your physical condition with your heart rate zone. A feature called OwnZone allows you to improve your aerobic fitness. I also need to say that I have used other Pollar models in the past, and I decided to buy the Polar RS100 without any research because I trust the Pollar brand. I have to say that I stick with a brand when it offers quality, and the Pollar T31 chest strap works fine with most gym equipment out there.

This situation does not happen with Garmen which works only with equipment of the same brand. Compatibility is one of the primary reasons to buy the Polar RS100, and I think you should do it too. It must tell you that the item I received did not turn on, and I immediately sent it back for replacement. I found out that the Polar RS100 looked cheap and flimsy compared to the Polar S120, but that is another story.